"Writing to me is simply thinking through my fingers" -Isaac Asimov

Blogging: A potential life changer

on September 22, 2012

Whether it is the blogger releasing stress through writing or a reader being moved by words, blogs have impact. I began looking at blogs last year in my electronic communications class where I discovered the magnitude of people who can be reached. Whenever I think of blogs that have made an impression on my life, it’s not the funny, light-hearted blogs, but the life stories of the bloggers who overcame a struggle or learned a profound lesson.  It depends on what mood and style of blogs the reader prefers because while I may prefer the more serious blogs, someone else may enjoy the blogs that poke fun at others and there is no problem with that at all.

One particular blog has spoken to me recently called Grace for the Road. The language and style of writing is friendly and conversational. The point of the author’s message is clear without her condemning others for other beliefs.  This particular post is long, exceeds the five paragraph limit and most people probably would stop reading half-way through, but to me the writing enticed me to continue reading even though it took more time.

This post encouraged me to start following and reading her other posts. She does a good job of adding variety to the blog and experimenting with different blog styles: pictures, videos, quotes and words. The layout of the blog is clean and simple. She has organized all her blogs into three categories: the humanity, the mercy, the nations.

I would encourage all to read this post, especially girls who are struggling with relationship problems and trusting God with his timing.


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