"Writing to me is simply thinking through my fingers" -Isaac Asimov

Feature writing: Hook and inform

on October 13, 2012

Feature writings can cover a variety of events. They are more entertaining than hard news and have human interest. Instead of using the inverted pyramid style, features are written with a clever headline and a lead that entices the reader to continue reading, hooking them on the story.

In the Glendale Star, a community paper, there is a feature story on Oklahoma State students giving back to Glendale. This feature caught my attention because it talked about my beloved school.

The feature was a quick read that used imagery to capture my attention. It was well written and flowed smoothly. The feature started with a hook and then became a news story, making this particular feature a hybrid feature. There was a good amount of quotes that kept the feature interesting.

It was a worthwhile read about OSU students getting excited about giving back to the community and OSU doing good in the world through its students. I did not feel like I wasted time reading this feature and I learned something new about my peers.


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