"Writing to me is simply thinking through my fingers" -Isaac Asimov

Advertising: Just do it

on October 18, 2012

Advertising is meant to grab a specific audience’s attention. There are different kinds of advertising, whether it be print, radio or television. Within these different kinds, there are a lot of approaches or techniques an ad can use.

One technique is inspiration. Nike makes inspirational print ads the majority of the time. The above ad is from a group of my favorite ads, titled Nike: What is your fight? The copy is a paragraph made up of short active sentences. It uses repetition in saying “this is my weapon.” The visual is inspiring because it shows that if he can do sports, anyone can. The tagline “just do it” is reinforced as well as the Nike swoosh.

This print ad is simple but powerful. It makes me want to go run a marathon in my Nike shoes and it gives me the idea that the impossible is made possible through Nike. In my opinion, Nike has the best ads.


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